ראיה מביאה לידי זכירה ,זכירה מביאה לידי עשיה
Looking upon leads to awareness. Awareness leads to action.
-Talmud, Menachot 43b

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Welcome! Looking forward to our first program on April 12th... We will post relevant information regarding upcoming sessions here.

We all experience moments in which we find ourselves awake, alive and responsive. Yet, for many of us, these moments are fleeting and rare. Most of the time, we grasp for things to be other than they are. We feel squeezed and overcome by our burdens, unable to feel spacious or free. But, even as we trudge through our day to day reality, we feel-- we know-- there must be more to life.

The practice of Jewish mindfulness is a technique for gaining clarity and composure so that we can engage in our lives with a renewed sense of purpose and perspective. In this approach, deeply rooted in the ancient and contemporary teachings of Jewish wisdom, we cultivate our capacity to live with responsiveness and compassion. Jewish mindfulness is not a means to escape the messiness of our lives. Rather, it is about facing the truth of our experience with honesty and wakefulness and then harnessing that awareness to engaged, ethical action.

We invite you to join us at the Center for Jewish Mindfulness of Chicago, an organization dedicated to the growth of Jewish mindfulness practice.

Our first meeting will be on April 12, 2011, 8:00-9:30 PM, at Flourish Studios, 3020 North Lincoln Avenue, Chicago, in the Lakeview neighborhood. Additional meetings through the spring will be on May 3, May 17, May 31 and June 14. We plan to meet weekly thereafter. A $10 donation would be greatly appreciated to help cover costs.

Each session will be comprised of sitting meditation, framed within the context of Jewish wisdom and practice, followed by discussion. No prior experience of meditation is needed, and we welcome participants of all backgrounds.

There will be chairs for sitting meditation, but if you would prefer to sit on the floor, please bring your own cushions.

We are very excited about this beginning, and for the opportunity to grow with you. Please don't hesitate to be in touch if you have any questions.




Rabbi Jordan Bendat-Appell


ראיה מביאה לידי זכירה

זכירה מביאה לידי עשיה

Looking upon leads to awareness. Awareness leads to action.

-Talmud, Menachot 43b

"In meditation we try to let go of all thoughts and feelings extraneous to the moment. We come to understand that the present moment is the only place we can experience our life, the only place we can enjoy it, the only place we can feel it."

-Rabbi Alan Lew, Be Still and Get Going